Photos Of Man From Cambodia With Abnormal Face Is Going Viral on The Internet! (5 pics)

Tourists go to other countries to typically enjoy the wonderful sights they do not normally see in their home nation. There are beautiful beaches, extravagant parties, amazing mountains, and the culture is always something that every individual wants to experience, even for a little while. However, not every location is always grand and filled with the best sights and sounds. Some places still have societal ills, and there are people who suffer and are shunned even by their fellow locals.

Thankfully, there a lot of kindhearted people who will not let people to just suffer for the rest of their lives.

This is the story of a couple who went to Cambodia to enjoy what life has to offer, but then realized that some people lack these opportunities.

This is Vid, a 34-year-old man from Cambodia. Diana Koski and John Nettleton, who were just touring Phnom Penh, met Vid just last week and soon, they realized that they should help him by starting a Facebook campaign. The online campaign hopes to pay for Vid's surgery.

Aside from the Facebook campaign, Diana Koski and John Nettleton are also building a relationship with a surgeon from Singapore that was introduced by a businessman from Perth.

The couple wanted to help Vid, so he was told to follow them to Monsoon Boutique Hotel. Vid would apparently walk from behind them, and the locals would tell Vid to stay away and to not attempt to go to the hotel.

The village chief allowed Diana and John to get Vid a surgery once an arrangement with the surgeon from Singapore is complete. Vid did not say anything about his parents, especially since the permission had to be acquired from the village chief. 


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