Former Geek Who Binged on Video Games is Now a Cam Girl Making Up To $180K a Year (10 PICS)

A former self-confessed nerd and tomboy who used to spend hours by herself playing video games is now an award winning adult cam girl who reportedly makes up to $180,000 a year.

Harriet Sugarcookie, 21, lacked self-esteem during her early years and suffered from social anxiety which prevented her from making friends and dating. She was born in Vietnam and moved to England with her family when she was five years old. Up until she was 18, she was the only Asian girl in her school and was constantly bullied.

Sugarcookie’s classmates would throw stuff at her in class and write racial slurs in her notebooks. This, along with suffering from self-esteem issues, made her a loner throughout high school. She’d spend hours playing games like Pok√©mon, Final Fantasy and Skyrim and often not leave the house for days. She met her first boyfriend at a comic book store he worked at.

Three years later, Sugarcookie is now a full-blown adult star who’s constantly camming and releasing pornographic videos online. She mostly does lesbian scenes with another girl, but occasionally does boy/girl scenes with her business partner and best friend. However, she stresses that their relationship is stricly business.

While her step-father was more supportive of her career choice, it was her conservative Vietnamese mother who Sugarcookie was worried about telling. However, when the time came, her mother took the news very well.

“She was totally okay. I didn’t think she would be. I was like, ‘Hey Mom, I do porn.’ She was like, ‘What?’ I was like, ‘Well, not really. I made some sex tapes and I sold them.’ She’s like, ‘Oh, like Kim Kardashian.’ For a long time because I didn’t talk to boys, she thought I was going to be a lesbian. I think part of her was just so happy that I actually do have an interest in men and that I’ll one day give birth and have a child.”

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