Optical Ripple: A New Geometric Print from Simon C. Page

Optical Ripple is the latest print from artist and designer Simon C. Page who often explores complex geometric patterns as well as the interplay of color. This latest piece involves a kaleidoscopic array of colors and concentric circles that borders on the edge of a blurry optical illusion

Something You Can Do With Your Fingers

Recycled Bike Part Chandeliers Under a Texas Overpass

Ballroom Luminoso is a series of six chandeliers designed by artists Joe O’Connell and Blessing Hancock currently installed in San Antonio, Texas. Made from custom made structural steel, custom LEDs and recycled bicycle parts, the lights project colorful silhouettes of sprockets and other pieces onto the otherwise drab cement underpass

Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Ron Mueck

Mueck began his sculpting career in entertainment where he started work as a puppeteer, creating models and puppets for children’s movies and TV shows. Most notably he worked on Jim Henson’s film Labyrinth and even provided the voice for the character Ludo. In 1996 he made the switch to fine art and quickly rose to prominence with exhibitions at the Royal Academy and the National Gallery in London.

Fun Site-Specific Wheatpastes on the Streets of France by Lavalet

Lavalet has been making some pretty imaginative site-specific pasteups in various locations around France since late last year. Almost all of his pieces interact with their direct surroundings and frequently include props or other three-dimensional objects

Surreal Wildlife Paintings by Tiffany Bozic

Self-taught artist Tiffany Bozic explores a wide range of natural themes in her tightly rendered depictions of wildlife. Drawing inspiration from her “extensive travels to wild places” and exposure to various research specimens at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, the artist works most frequently with multiple layers of watered down acrylic paint on panels of maple wood that lends a distinctly natural and often realistic level of detail to each of her paintings

Mobile Mirrors: Manequins Covered in Mirror Shards by Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

Illustration of Hybrid Beasts and Imaginary Creatures by Imarginal

This is the latest illustration from a duo of illustrators from Brazil named Fernando Moraes and Raone Ferreira who work under the collective title Imarginal. The two have a unique style of working in tandem on artworks such as the piece above which took three months of 8-10 hour days to complete and measures 1 x 0.7 meters (a little over 3 feet wide)

Their illustrations are “characterized by overvaluation of details, imaginary creatures and ideas hybridism, thought by two different minds and made in four hands, using nankin [cotton fabric], poscas [markers] and even magnifiers on paper, wood or walls.”

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