Amazing People With No Legs

Born with one leg, Arizona St. wrestler wins NCAA title

Anthony Robles (born July 20, 1988) is a wrestler who won the 2010-11 NCAA individual wrestling championship in the 125-pound weight class despite being born with only one leg.

A legless man climbs the Great Wall of China.

A man who lost his legs in a train accident climbed the Great Wall of China on Tuesday (August 22).
Huang Jianming from China's southern city of Shenzhen had both legs amputated in 1994, after he fell out of a speeding train carriage.
Measuring 85 centimeters in height and weighing 39 kilograms, Huang calls himself a "half man," since he has become half the size of an average person due to his accident.
He climbed the Great Wall for two hours by using the sheer strength of his arms, pushing himself up the cobblestoned steps in front of hundreds of bemused tourists.

Legless "Stool Mama" Raises 130 Children

The 55-year-old Xu Yuehua, who lost her legs in a train accident at the age of 13, has spent 37 years raising the children in the social welfare institute. She has brought up more than 130 children. She moves without legs but a stool; she spends her days on a pair of small stools, so the children love to call her “Stool Mama”. The Stool Mama feels happy to take care of these children and never feels regrettable for doing this.

Xu Yuehua, orphaned at an early age, devotes herself to raise the children at Xiangtan Social Welfare House, Xiangtan where she shelters. It is also the place helped her through difficulties. The following images were taken at Xiangtan Social Welfare Institute, Central China’s Human Province on September 15, 2010.

Legless dancer becomes India's Got Talent star

Born without legs, Vinod Thakur quickly learnt how to walk on his hands at home in East Delhi. Kmata Chopra, his former schoolteacher, said: ‘He would move up the stairs faster than his classmates. From then, I knew that, through his hard work, he will make it big someday.

Man Born Without Legs Trains For 18th Marathon

Lance Benson is training for the New York City Marathon. Like many athletes, he wakes up early to exercise before work.

But there is one thing that makes Benson a little different from most marathon runners: "I have my own little motto," he says. "It’s, 'No legs, no problem.'"

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