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12 Year Old Girl suffering from progeria

In 12-year-old girl named Ontlametse Falaste there are only a couple of years of life. “I call myself the first lady, because I was the first black child with the disease …. You know more of a dark-skinned child with such a disease? “- Says the girl. Ontlametse – the only black child with a diagnosis of the syndrome Hutchinson-Gilford – a rare and fatal disease, accelerating the aging process. In the entire history of mankind only two black children suffer from this disease – both of them died, one in the U.S., another in the Netherlands. Experts believe that at the same time in the world from 200 to 250 children suffering from this disease. Children with the disease die from heart failure at the age of 8 to 21 years, suffering from high blood pressure, stroke, angina and heart failure.

World's Finest sets world record with 12,000-pound chocolate bar

Here's a recipe for a world record: 1,200 pounds of almonds, 5,500 pounds of sugar, 2,000 pounds of milk powder, 1,700 pounds of cocoa butter and 1,400 pounds of chocolate liquor.

World's Finest Chocolate put it all together and what they made was a record for the world's largest chocolate bar. It weighs more than 12,000 pounds and measures 21 feet long and almost three feet high.

The Chicago-based company plans to take the chocolate bar on tour to schools nationally help educate families about proper nutrition, using the candy bar as an example of ... portion distortion," according to CEO Eddie Opler.

Verified by Guinness World Records, the chocolate bar easily topped the previous record, of 9,722 pounds, set by an Armenian company a year ago.

US woman nails world record - for nails

Walton, who sings in Vegas and goes by the stage name "The Dutchess", has been growing her nails for 18 years. She says she doesn't drink milk or stick to any other nail-friendly diet.

Now that she has the Guinness record, she's ready to think about dusting off the clippers. The only hitch: she'll have to pare the nails back a little bit at a time.

Claxton said the nails record, and other eye-popping achievements trumpeted in the Guinness Book of Records, had nothing in common with the kind of cruelty depicted in the movie The Elephant Man, where a deformed man is paraded as a human curiosity.

The Yakuza

Beginning in 2008, photographer Anton Kusters began his attempt to infiltrate and document the mysterious Japanese mafia. He has spent two years with one of Japan’s notorious Yakuza gangs, known for their brutality, tattoos and strict code of honour.After months of painstaking negotiations, he was taken into their confidence and given a fascinating glimpse into the world of the secretive organised crime syndicate.Japan's National Police Agency estimated in 2009 that there were 80,900 active Yakuza, whose activities include drug dealing, extortion, illegal gambling and violent turf wars.The Yakuza are bound by a strict and ruthless moral code. To prove the sincerity of an apology some members are known to cut off the ends of their fingers.Those who wish to join the Yakuza receive a training, at a covert location, in hand-to-hand and meditation.The Yakuza are known for their tattoos, which they rarely show in public. Their tattoos are often made using the basic and painful technique of needle and ink.

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