12 Ways Bathroom Boredom Can Inspire Artistic And Intellectual Conversation (12 PICS)

"Life Ever After" by Patricia Monteiro (7 PHOTOS)

"Even with all the rush and fast pace of New York City, many elderly women manage to keep up with their lives in their own rhythm and grace," photographer Patricia Monteiro begins in a statement on her website. "'Life Ever After' documents a community of women that live alone after losing companions, relatives or friends. To look at them is also to look at the beauty of life, that definitely does not end when you reach your 80s."

 "Life Ever After" is her recent photography series, a project that follows the daily lives of elderly women -- more specifically, octogenarians and nonagenarians -- who live alone in New York City. Monteiro was inspired by her own grandmother, a woman who battled the effects of Alzheimer's disease and was sadly inactive in the twilight years of her life. In an attempt to process the illness, the photographer visited a senior center in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood, where she met with Rita Immerman, an 88-year-old lover of art and culture who became the first portrait subject. Via

9 Funniest Texts from Dog

CrossFit Couple's Engagement Photos Are Nothing Short Of Badass (11 PHOTOS)

Couple and fellow CrossFitters Iliana and Joe jokingly tossed around the idea of doing an engagement photo shoot at their gym (or "box," as insiders call it) in Ocoee, Florida. "I had joked around with Joe and told him we should take pictures at the box because that's where we spend most of our time together," Iliana told The Huffington Post. She continued, "I didn't really think he was taking me seriously.

Then he asked our photographer about it and she sounded excited so he said we should try it out. I was all for it -- to just do something that was a little more 'us.'" In November 2014, Joe proposed to Iliana under a waterfall at Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida. Earlier this month, the pair prepared for the engagement photo shoot by looking up some athletic-yet-adorable poses on Pinterest for inspiration. They also came up with some poses of their own on the fly. Via

Photographer Perfectly Captures Unique Beauty Of Eerie Underwater Park (8 PHOTOS)

These creepy, yet beautiful, images showcase a remarkable marine sculpture park dedicated to conservation. In February, London-based Photographer Claudia Legge captured images of statues in an underwater sculpture park. captured images of the statues inside MUSA, a giant underwater sculpture park in the waters surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Punta Nizuc in Mexico.

The park is filled with concrete statues built by Jason deCaires Taylor and modeled after villagers in Cancun. It exists to draw tourists away from Cancun's existing coral reefs in an effort to conserve the coral and creatures that live there, its website notes. Legge -- who specializes in underwater photography, generally featuring nude women surrounded by gauze -- spoke to design and art website It's Nice That about choosing to photograph the sculpture park.

She said shooting the sculptures was more challenging than shooting humans -- and a lot "more physical" since the artworks are located in open water.

Looking At The Armenian Genocide Through the Lens of Art

April 24, 2015 marks the centennial of the Armenian Genocide. On that day in 1915, roughly seven hundred Armenians from Constantinople were massacred by the Young Turks, a nationalistic political movement that wanted to make the Ottoman Empire a country organized around a constitutional government.

This terrifying moment provided the impetus for the event that we call the Armenian Genocide, which violently ended the lives of a total of approximately 1.3 million people. The twentieth century began with this shameful crime against humanity, which predated the Holocaust by twenty-five years. Even today, however, there exists a strong current of denial and disbelief about the massacre Armenians endured. Turkey has never formally recognized the Armenian Genocide, and continuously makes efforts to belittle the extent of the tragedy, minimizing the total number of deaths in an arbitrary and conspicuous manner.
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