"What I Be" by Steve Rosenfield (16 PICS)

In his powerful photographic project titled ‘What I Be‘ photographer Steve Rosenfield asked his brave subjects to showcase their insecurities to the world. Each individual was asked to write down their insecurity for the shoot, a courageous move designed to only empower themselves, but also to inspire others.

Creatively Surreal Portraits by Audrey Simper (12 PICS)

The creative photography of 21-year-old Audrey Simper is an inspiring collection of conceptual portraits that blend real with surreal. Based in Chicago, the self-taught artist brings her imagination alive in subtle and not-so-subtle digital manipulations. Whether there's a third hand reaching out from the shadows or goldfish floating out of a sleeping beauty's mouth, each composition features skillfully concocted realities.

Mystical Sculptures of the Australian Rainforest by William Ricketts (5 PICS)

These mesmerizing sculptures are the work of William Ricketts, a rare Australian born in 1898 who was in awe of the connection the Aborigine people have with the land.

Ricketts gained his deep understanding of Aboriginal culture during frequent trips to Central Australia, where he lived with the Pitjantjatjara and Arrernte people from 1949-1960. They soon adopted him as one of their own and willingly posed for the sculptures that would become their legacy.

William Ricketts died in 1993 at the ripe old age of 94 but he will always be remembered as his figure, too, is dotted around the tranquil fern gully, forever connected to both the family and the land he so loved.

Amazing Film Photography By Laina Briedis (10 PICS)

Museum Bridge In Venice (Puente De Venecia) (10 PICS)

The beautiful city of Venice is going to have another beautiful bridge in the near future, called Museum-Bridge or Puente de Venecia.

This bridge in Venice seems asymmetrical but the points of tension and the other lines that balance the forces offer it the equilibrium that it needs.

The bridge connects two islands and it is yet another architectural symbol ~ one of the many ~ found in Venice, Italy.

The structure offers access to a museum that has contemporary exhibits and jewels from the history of Venice

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