Dream Photography by Mark Louis (10 PHOTOS)

Mark Louis, a team of photographers and videographers, has been serving the Philadelphia area for the past 30 years. They are creators and ambassadors of art which fuels the imagination. Their images are coined by a wide range of influences that still manage to accumulate to form one harmonic overall picture. They tell stories one cannot grasp at just one quick glance. Marc & Louis images are meticulously prepared works of art which capture moments, emotions, even dreams and coalesce them into one memorable story.

Founded by Mark Louis, the business has grown over the years. Key elements such as light and composition have made Mark’s work recognized throughout the Philadelphia and South Jersey area.

BABY HEADS by Landon Meier

It’s a fancy dress party accessory that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘little monster’; Landon Meier uses latex to create oversized babies’ heads that he sells online.

The US artist’s masks come in three facial expressions: disgusted, happy and crying. He said getting the right expression proved a challenge.

‘I actually did some pretty extensive research to no avail before, quite by accident, I found the perfect photo of a crying baby in a magazine,’ he explained.

The £150 masks are for sale on the artist’s website,, and footage of him wearing his disturbing creations has been posted on YouTube.

In one video, Grandma And Baby: Day At The Park, a grey-haired old woman tries to move an oversized infant in a pushchair.

In another, a giant baby ‘family’, including a mother, father and child, take a stroll through a city street, while bemused passers-by stare.

Asked why he created the masks, Meier said: ‘I’m messed up in the head

Sculptures cards Bryan Berg

Bryan Berg broke his own world record by building the world's largest card. The construction required an 218,792 letters and 44 hours of dedication and patience. The result was a replica of the Venetian Macao, the world's largest hotel.

The construction required an 218,792 letters and 44 hours of dedication and patience.The result was a building 10 meters high by three wide, which was presented at one of the largest gaming facilities in China.


Six Flags New Orleans was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It has been abandoned ever since.

Photographers in love - Kendrick Brinson and David Walter (13 PHOTOS)

Photographers and couple Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks travel the world for commercial shoots and capture the same style photo in various epic locations they come across.

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