BABY HEADS by Landon Meier

It’s a fancy dress party accessory that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘little monster’; Landon Meier uses latex to create oversized babies’ heads that he sells online.

The US artist’s masks come in three facial expressions: disgusted, happy and crying. He said getting the right expression proved a challenge.

‘I actually did some pretty extensive research to no avail before, quite by accident, I found the perfect photo of a crying baby in a magazine,’ he explained.

The £150 masks are for sale on the artist’s website,, and footage of him wearing his disturbing creations has been posted on YouTube.

In one video, Grandma And Baby: Day At The Park, a grey-haired old woman tries to move an oversized infant in a pushchair.

In another, a giant baby ‘family’, including a mother, father and child, take a stroll through a city street, while bemused passers-by stare.

Asked why he created the masks, Meier said: ‘I’m messed up in the head

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