Artist Ed Wheeler injects festive fun into classic paintings

In this humorous series of self-portraits, american artist Ed Wheeler, steps into classic masterworks of artdressed as the iconic santa claus. paying homage to the original paintings, ‘santa classics’ offers art lovers a twist and an additional reason to smile during the silly season. after researching the works of the masters, wheeler felt certain compositions beckoned for a ‘santa intervention’. embarking on a multi-step process to fully integrate the jolly red figure into the lighting, brushstrokes and tonal values of the painting, the famous images are reinterpreted. the work will be exhibited at bahdeebahdu in philadelphia from december 6 – 21, 2013. the philadelphia museum of art is the first museum in the world to publish a series of santa classics holiday cards, available in their online store.

"Liquid sculptures" by Tapan Sheth

It may have taken six months, hundred of pictures and endless patience, but the efforts of Indian photographer Tapan Sheth have all been worth it after he managed to capture these stunning images of 'water sculptures'.

Sheth, from Rajkot, in Gujarat, added coloured dye to liquid along with guar gum, a food thickener similar to cornflour, then set up his camera equipment.

The 34-year-old got these mesmerising images by letting a drop fall into the rest of the liquid, then quickly pressing the camera shutter.

He said: 'There are lots of things involved in the photography of liquid sculptures. There is proper preparation, setup, controller and much more required to get the effect.

'The most important part is the passion; if you don't have passion you really won't able to achieve this. From 100's of clicks I hardly get five to ten perfect shots. Sometimes a complete session could fail.'

Many form into umbrella-like shapes, while some seem to mimic mushrooms and others look like trees with one resembling a cup.

Tapan added: 'After many failed attempts and efforts I got the result I was looking for for my liquid sculpture photography.

I really can't believe the reaction I get, it's simply awesome when you praised by people around the world. When I see my pictures, I don't have words for what I see. Liquid sculptures are a jewel for me.' Via

Photos of Abandoned School That Merge the Past with the Present

When schools become abandoned, they lose the sense of life that they once had, but the memories made there are never forgotten. In this incredible photo series, pictures from the past are combined with the present-day scenery from abandoned schools. The results are chilling in all the right ways.

These pictures were originally published by Detroiturbex, a site dedicated to documenting the challenges of Detroit. The school building has since been demolished. Via

Funny Vintage Valentine's Day Cards

Jacob Everett's Pen Portraits Artwork

Jacob Everett is a freelance artist and illustrator from Lewisham, South East London. He began a foundation course in art and design at Central St Martins in 2009 before moving to Leeds to work.

For the last couple of years he has been producing large biro portraits and limited edition prints, exhibiting in London and across Yorkshire. Clients include Urban Outfitters, The Amersham Arms and Winq Magazine. His subjects vary from well known faces such as Dave Grohl, Wayne Rooney and Derek Jarman to his most recent project documenting the lives of Bradford's homeless community. He now lives and works in Brighton in the South of England. Via (

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