Photo Retouch by Lesik Iren and Anshu

The Mine Furniture by Mati Karmin

The furniture produced by Mati Karmin of Estonia were created from old mine water of the first and second world war and they were taken off the coast of Naissaar in the Gulfof Finland, set in a former military installation that gives the furniture exhibition feeling of a medieval touch to the furniture, the artist adds details of leather upholstery andglass surfaces, these mines for its dimensions fit well as beds, wardrobes, fireplaces, tables and chairs.

Creative Oil Painting Art by Rob Hefferan (13 PICS)

Anime Art by Nirut Tamchoo

Pin Up Illustrations by Syd Brak

Glamour Pin Up Illustrations by UK based artist, Syd Brak. Syd studied art at Johannesburg Art School in South Africa and went into advertising as Art Director and Creative Director in various agencies including J Walter Thompson and McCann Erikson.

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