Moment frog hitches a ride on GOLDFISH 's back captured on camera in Winton

This is the moment a lazy frog saw his opportunity and hitched a ride from one side of a garden pond to the other, on the back of a goldfish.

The laid-back amphibian leapt on to the bright orange fish and clung on for dear life, gripping on with its webbed feet so as not to topple off.

Wriggling from side to side, the goldfish tried to shake off its unwanted piggy back rider, but the frog refused to loosen its grip.

Andree Siwadi, 70, spotted the bizarre interaction as she sprinkled food into her garden pond in Winton, near Bournemouth in Dorset.

The retired nurse and grandmother-of-four, said: 'I saw a frog riding around on the back of one of the fish and thought it was so unusual and funny that it would be worth getting a picture.

'Afterwards, I lifted the frog off and put it back in the weeds as I was worried it would hurt the fish, which are all owned and named after my grandchildren.

'I have never seen anything it before and I have lived in the countryside all my life, I have no idea why it was doing it.'
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