Amazing Newspaper Sculptures by Nick Georgiou (11 PHOTOS)

Realistic Sculptures by Carole Feuerman (6 PHOTOS)

Feuerman currently lives and works in New York, New York. She is most known for her bronze sculptures painted hyper-realistically, but she also utilizes other media such as resin and marble. She developed a technique she calls “painting with fire” where she pours, splatters and splashes up to five different molten metals that are 2000 degrees in temperature.

She is represented by galleries both nationally and abroad, and has work in many public and private collections all over the world. She has enjoyed six museum retrospectives to date, and has been included in exhibitions at, among other venues, the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery, the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, the Venice Biennale, and Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy

Realistic Sculptures by Mark Newman (11 PHOTOS)

Here are some of sculptor Mark Newman’s most awe-inspiring creations. His work seems so realistic, even though his subject matter is very unrealistic. This combination is not only exciting, but a veritable treat as well.

Newman has chosen for his subject creatures from mythologies, comics, stories and even video games. There is a Wolverine amongst his sculptures as well as what could be Kratos from the God of War Play Station games. There is Frankenstein in all his pitiable state as well as what could be Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. On one hand, there is a King Kong and on the other there is a gymnast.

The beauty of the sculptures is that the skill of the sculptor makes them look extremely life like, even though the sculptures themselves are of creatures that are mostly mythological or fantastical, mainly figments of our collective imagination.

Beautiful Paintings by Daniel Del Orfano (8 PHOTOS)

Born and raised on Long Island, New York, Daniel received his BFA in Art Education in Dowling College in Oakdale, NY and was teaching full time by the fall of 2001. After teaching at the prestigious Knox Boarding School, Daniel took a position in the public school system where he taught art to children of all ages. Though extremely rewarding, this was not his true calling. It was at this time Daniel decided to divert his attention from teaching art to creating art, and in the summer of 2005, he formed The Renaissance Workshop. Specializing in all things art, The Renaissance Workshop gave Daniel the opportunity to expand his horizons, creatively.

Daniel began developed his expressive style, implementing techniques that emphasized texture over realism. Though the work depicted realistic scenes, the effects produced an almost ethereal feeling. The imagery began to take a back seat to the memory of which the image represented. Daniel’s work depicts life, not as it may be, but more as it is remembered- a snapshot, not of a particular moment but of an overall memory.

Creative photos by Christina Otero (8 PHOTOS)

Conceptual Chris Newman (8 PHOTOS)

Chris Newman is multi talented artist, he is contemporary painter, composer and performance artist, Chris newman is most famous artist and he is living in Berlin. This is the first recording of Newman’s Piano Sonatas, a large and important aspect to his work. Chris Newman born place was London and date of birth is 1958 and now he is living and works in Berlin, In Berlin his activities include painting, installation and performance art. Chris newman is also well in poetry and he write many beautiful poetries. Here we listed only his conceptual illustration artwork which is so inspiring and attractive. Some artist called his illustration “the conceptual electronic artwork”.

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