Exhausted Tokyo residents sleep on the street (10 pics)

While on his vacation, British photographer Adrian Storey made some astonishing photos of people sleeping on the streets. The odd thing about those sleeping people, was that they were not homeless. They wore suits, dresses, had portfolios with documents in their hands. They were getting home after work.

These people were so exhausted from 12 hour work shifts that they fell asleep literally while walking on the streets, up the stairs or in metro. I wonder just how many people fall asleep on the streets of Tokyo because of pure exhaustion after work.

This beautiful rainbow floor composed of over 700 mirrors will take your breath away! (8 PICS)

Artist Liz West has recently revealed an ambitious piece that explores the visual impact of light and reflections within an ancient place of worship. The piece casts a brilliant rainbow spectrum throughout the architecture of the historic St. John’s Church in North Lincolnshire, UK. Composed of over 700 mirrors in 15 acrylic shades, Our Color Reflection causes light rays and vivid hues to radiate throughout the 125-year-old building.

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