World's greatest 'gurner' challenge anyone who can match him

Tang Shuquan, 43, may appear very, very ugly in these pictures but his look has won him the Guinness World Record for making the most twisted face.
And now, he's launched a challenge to the public to see if anyone out there can match him.

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Our Solar System Takes a Holiday by David Jordan Williams

These creative illustrations by photographer and graphic designer David Jordan Williams bring the planets of our solar system right down into our everyday lives. In the project, entitled Our Solar System Takes a Holiday, Williams features stunning, everyday landscapes that, at first, don't seem out of the ordinary. Yet, viewers will fairly instantly notice the presence of a planet, quite out of place along the beaches, woods, and city streets of each scene.

Nick Vallenda Walk Over Niagara Falls

The famous American tightrope walker Nick Vallenda went over Niagara Falls on the rope, stretched at a height of 50 meters. One end of the rope was secured to the United States, the other – in Canada. Kanatahodtsu had to overcome on the path of the raging waters of a length of 550 meters, that it took him almost half an hour.

The authorities of both countries were allowed to violate the ban, which exists to carry out these tricks over Niagara Falls for hereditary, who got six times in the Guinness Book of Records. Thus, Nick Vallenda became the first man in 128 years to cross the waterfall in so risky way.


Jennifer Tran, Wears Dress Made Of Newspapers To Newseum

When 15-year-old Jennifer Tran recently visited the Newseum, she decided that she wasn't just going to look at the news -- she was going to make headlines herself. In a homemade fitted dress with a full skirt made entirely out of newspapers, the artistic teen made a big statement.

The Virginia teen originally created the recyclable dress in fall 2011 as a Halloween costume. Recently, she wore her eco-friendly creation to the Newseum, a museum of news and media in Washington, DC, and posed in front of the "Front Page Gallery."


The Dirty Mind Illusion

Fantastic Photography by Danil Sigidin

Daniel Sigidin is a Russian photographer born in Vladivostok, all the way in chilly Siberia, who specializes in beauty and fashion. He started out as an IT-focused professional, which he eventually mixed with his passion for picture-taking: in his last year at University, he also taught photography and digital photo manipulation. Nowadays, he dabbles in wedding photography, photojournalism and commercial work. He uses a Canon 5D Mark II and several Tokina, Sigma and Canon lenses. His portfolio is diverse enough to be showcased on all sorts of specialized websites, but we chose to focus on his beauty work in particular, since it exudes a sort of toned-down insouciance we have rarely ever seen in other photographers


Day and Night in New York City by Stephen Wilkes

Stephen Wilkes is an American photographer known foremost for his series of abandoned structures such as at Ellis Island and the former Bethlehem Steel factory both which he has captured as a lost world caught in a sort of visual amber. Wilkes photo essay on Ellis Island "Ellis Island Ghosts" helped to raise six million dollars from the United States Congress for the preservation of the structures on the south side of the island including the former hospital for infectious diseases. His fine art and photo-journalism have been featured in such publications as Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated and The New York Times Magazine.

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