Animals In Locomotion

England-based photographer Kim Taylor captures animals in his garden using a process called locomotion. It shows a creature’s ability to move from place to place in impressive detail.

Things that make Kim Jong-il smile and frown..

The Chapel Of Human Skeletons

The Sedlec Ossuary (a.k.a. Kostnice) is a small Christian chapel decorated with human bones. It's located in Sedlec, which is a suburb in the outskirts of the Czech town Kutna Hora.
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Owling: The new planking?

Owling an activity that consists of crouching in a perched position, generally in an unusual place, and looking off into the distance, in imitation of a perched owl. The trend was initially founded in Australia and Britain shortly after planking began to take form. An internet meme similar to planking, it became a viral trend on July 11, 2011 after a posting on reddit (in response to planking pictures) of a demotivational poster of a woman perching on a railing with the caption "OWLING because planking is so two months ago".


Amar Bharti, The Man with Raised Arm

Amar Bharti was a senior shipping clerk in New Delhi. But 38 years ago he decided to devote the rest of his life to Shiva. He left his family and home and decided to raise his arm vertically in the air as if he was a small child begging to answer a call of nature. Once his arm was raised it was never to come down again. That was in 1973

Bathing at the Arctic Circle

Natalia Avseenko, 36, was persuaded to strip naked as marine experts believe belugas do not like to be touched by artificial materials such as diving suits.

Belugas are famed for the way in which their faces are able to convey human-like expressions. Certainly Matrena and Nilma seemed to enjoy frolicking with Natalia.

The taming of the whales happened in the Murmansk Oblast region in the far north-west of Russia at the shore of the White Sea near the Arctic Circle branch of the Utrish Dophinarium.


The Walton sextuplets

The Walton sextuplets were born in Liverpool, England on 18 November 1983 and were the world's first all-female surviving sextuplets, and the world's fourth known set of surviving sextuplets. The children are Hannah, Luci, Ruth, Sarah, Kate and Jenny.

The birth of the Walton sextuplets, attracted worldwide attention and they grew up in the spotlight until they were 18 years old, when they decided to live more privately.

The children were born to Graham and Janet (born 1952) Walton who had been trying to have children for several years and had just been accepted as potential adoptive parents before their thirteenth attempt at fertility treatment bore spectacular results. The children grew up in the family's seven-bedroom home in Wallasey, Merseyside.


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