People Reveal The Shallow Reasons Why They Dumped Their Ex (10 pics)

Le Palais Bulles - The Most Expensive Home In Europe (10 pics)

Pierre Cardin, creator of the famous Bubble Dress in 1958, purchased this home, known as Le Palais Bulles in the early 1990s and now it's listed for around $456 million, and it's Europe's most expensive home. The house is made up of many bubbles and is located on a cliff over the Mediterranean, it comes with a garden, swimming pool, and a 500-seat, open-air auditorium.

Drawing progressions that prove practice makes perfect (18 PICS)

Creative Fashion Designs by Edgar (23 PICS)

Armenian fashion illustrator Edgar Artis uses stylized paper cut outs and everyday objects to create beautiful dresses. His creative fashion sketches include such items as rose petals, various plants and food, even buildings.

He's not the first to explore this idea - previously we wrote about an architect and fashion illustrator Shamekh Bluwi, who also used various everyday objects to complete his fashion dresses.

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