Paintings by Stanislav Plutenko

Stanislav Plutenko was born in 1961 in Moscow. He drew and painted through childhood, but with parents who disapproved of his being a painter, studied in the turbine construction department of Moscow Machine Construction Institute. After army service, where he was appointed painter in the Officers Club and met many other painters, he became a designer.

He studied at the Academy of the National Economy named after M.Plekhanov and at the same time took private art lessons from the art masters of different work style.

Portraits by Françoise Nielly

A number of wonderful new portraits by French painter Françoise Nielly who is absolutely prolific, posting a new works to her website every couple of days it seems. Nielly grew up in the South of France and now lives and works near Montmartre in Paris and her latest exhibition was at Villa del Arte in Barcelona earlier this year.


Bird Boxes by John Dilnot

The artist John Dilnot has created these wonderful bird boxes which seem to me to be a cross between art and crafts. He generally uses clipped illustrations of birds and then arranges them into beautiful dioramas within wooden boxes. As you can see from the images he often lines the interiors with antique maps and then sets the birds into small flocks so they look like they’re on perpetual journeys across the globe.


Scrap Metal Beasts by Robert Jefferson Travis Pond

These recycled scrap metal sculptures by Robert Jefferson Travis Pond of Steel Pond Studios are wild in more ways than one. The Portland based artist creates life-size, often larger than life art works of beasts, birds and fish from pieces of deconstructed motorcycles. He welds together a mass of elements, from the gas tanks to the nuts and bolts that once held the bikes together, to create stunningly expressive and somehow organic creatures.


Suspended Bouncy Ball Installation by Nike Savvas

Nike Savvas is an Australian-born artist who currently works in London. Her installation Atomic: Full of Love, Full of Wonder features rooms full of bouncy rubber balls suspended using transparent nylon string. A fan was focused on the whole colorful array which resulted in a gentle and soothing motion of the balls.


The Fine Art of Barbie

French artist Jocelyne Grivaud re-created famous artworks using the Mattel doll, and her series of images charts how the ideal female form has changed over the decades


Creepy robot baby with torso and floppy arms

robot baby being built as part of a neuroscience research program in Japan has just gotten a torso, including arms that flop around like an infant’s sans swaddle.

Affeto, the robo-baby, is creepy in its realism, which is what the team from Osaka University aims to accomplish as they use robotics to study “how humans’ higher cognitive functions develop,” according to a project description.

Ultimately, the robot will be used in behavioral experiments. For now, the researchers are trying to “build a realistic child robot with a muscle-skeletal system.”

The torso’s flexibility comes from 22 pneumatic actuators in its body.

In the video below you can see that Affeto’s torso is approaching the realistic stage. At one point, it hits itself in the face with “babyish looseness,” Endgadget notes.

The robot’s face has the thousand-mile stare of a well satiated or exhausted infant, but that may be because the team has yet to pair the torso with the robotic head, which was demonstrated in Feb. 2011.

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