Woman Can’t Stop Eating the Foam inside Sofa Cushions

Adele Edwards lives in Florida and has a very strange addiction. It seems she can’t prevent herself from eating sofas. Although her physicians have tried, they can’t help her with this weird addiction. She has been eating foam from sofas for 21 years.

Adele was diagnosed with Pica, a rare disorder that most commonly affects pregnant women and babies who lack certain nutrients, and which causes them to crave non-nutritive things like chalk, dirt, and even batteries. It can also be caused by stress, and the mother-of-five remembers she was in an emotional state when she first began eating sofas, as her parents were getting ready for a divorce. She says her life was out of control at the time, and her bizarre eating habit just seemed like something she could control.

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Lokman said...

freaking weird 0.o

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