Vintage Photos From The London Playboy Club (7 PICS)

The first Playboy clubs were bars were upper class people came to gamble. They also offered cocktail bars and the waitresses and performers were ladies dressed up in sexy bunny costumes. The first club opened in Chicago, and soon a lot of other American city had their own bunny bar.

Being a member of a Playboy club was status even though 21% of the members ever went to one of the clubs which means they only got the membership to show that they are upper class. In London the first Playboy club opened in 1965, and before the opening English girls were trained in America to become perfect bunnies.

This club was visited by the rich and famous in London, like Frank Sinatra, but also from America like James Garner and Woody Allen. In 1981 the London Playboy Club had to shut down because they didn t renew their gambling license, but now 30 years later this club has opened again with well-trained modern bunnies.

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