'Street Types of New York': Photographer's amazing look at turn-of-the-century Manhattan

It was years before the subway was installed, hot dog and pretzel stands were yet to crowd the sidewalk, and there are no hawkers offering fake Louis Vuitton luggage from a laminated piece of paper.

But one thing is clear - it is definitely New York City.

A unique album from esteemed Staten Island photographer Alice Austen was put up for sale this month called Street Types of New York.

The set of classic photos, taken in 1896, capture Manhattan at the turn-of-the-century, when the island was a bustling metropolis, booming with commerce and the industrial revolution.

Austen used a technique called photogravure, in which a photographic plate is used in combination with an etching process to make a print with a deep, rich appearance, according to Slate.

While the people that have been captured are fascinating, the backgrounds of the images are arguable even more so, offering great historical detail through intriguing signage and architecture.

Austen was a wealthy Staten Islander who began making photographs at the early age of ten, traveled the world with her photographic equipment.

She's one of a few examples of turn-of-the-century women who managed to leave behind a robust body of photographic work.

One of America's most prolific photographers, even though she was known for her documentary work, Austen never married, instead spending 50 years with partner Gertrude Tate.

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