Bryan Alexander, photographer captures the harsh winters of the Siberian Arctic

The lives of indigenous groups living in the remote Siberian Arctic have been revealed in a series of stunning images by a British photographer.

Taken by Bryan Alexander, the 40 photographs feature images of Chukchi, Dolgan, Even, Khanty, Komi, Nenets, and Nganasan people. It shows how they live today in their native communities, their traditional camps, transportation and dress as well as activities such as herding, hunting and fishing.

The series of striking images includes a herd of 1,000 reindeer being driven across the tundra in Khanty Mansiysk; the Northern Lights over a Nenets reindeer herders camp and Khanty women in traditional dress in Pitlyar.

The vast size of Siberia, combined with the isolation of many of its northern communities, has ensured that these unique Arctic cultures have survived to this day. Only a minority of Arctic peoples still maintain the old ways, but traditional activities remain important both culturally and economically.

The name of the exhibition, Whisper of the Stars, comes from Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in Eastern Siberia, where the extreme winter cold creates a strange phenomenon. When the temperature drops below -50C, a soft whooshing sound can sometimes be heard, like rice or grain being poured.

This noise is caused by the moisture in one's own exhaled breath turning to ice crystals in the cold dry air.

Bryan Alexander specialises in documenting the life of the Arctic's indigenous peoples and the issues that affect them. In 1971, he used a Royal Society of Arts travel bursary to visit North West Greenland.

There he lived in a small Inuit community for four months, which began a lifetime of documenting the Arctic and its people. Bryan has spent more than ten of the past 43 years living in isolated native camps and villages around the Arctic.

The exhibition will take place at the Horniman Museum in London until September 7.

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