Liu Bolin's Plasticizer Project Blends Him into a Wall of Soda

He said he created the piece at his studio in Beijing to express his speechlessness at the use of plasticizers in food additives. The 38-year-old is known for taking pictures of himself blended into backgrounds.

In 2009 Mr Bolin caused controversy when he created a bronze sculpture of President Obama, which he then lit on fire.

To some this was seen as inflammatory, but Mr Bolin said he did not mean for the piece - called ‘Burning Man Obama’ - to be seen as an attack. He said: ‘I think it represents more his popularity. 'I think my piece represents more the fact that Obama's on fire.'
Since his first shows in Beijing, Mr Bolin has received international recognition for his work. Photographs and sculptures have been featured in venues around the world.

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