Artist gets death threats for 'pen*s crucifix

Mideo Cruz created a giant wooden crucifix with a bright red penis which moves up and down and as a result he's been bombarded with hate mail and death threats.

Mr Cruz said his work, which mixes Christ with symbols of pop culture, was a symbol of a patriarchal society where men were ‘worshipped’. But the display has caused uproar among conservative Catholics, who say it is a mockery of their faith.

The Cultural Centre of the Philippines in Manila has been flooded with calls to withdraw the exhibit since it opened in June.

Mr Cruz, a 37-year-old visual and performance artist, added that it was his intention to provoke a reaction but he was surprised at the anger of the response.

Emmanuel Fernandez, a teacher who is a member of the staunchly Catholic social group Knights of Columbus, also opposes the penis crucifix, saying: ‘It is very offensive to the majority, since the majority are Christian. It's sort of mocking the faith,’.

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