1 billion 7 years

As unbelievable as it sounds, this house cost $ 1 billion and it took 7 years to build. It consists of 27 floors, has 600 staff and has particular room for yoga and swimming pool. Take a look ... you look for architectural design of one billion?

A group of architects designed this house in Mumbai for Mukesh Ambani. This design comes from applying the principles Vaastu (something similar to the well-known Chinese Feng Shui), to maximize positive energy. Within you will not find two pots that are identical and each floor is composed of different materials.

There are advantages to this unusual and ugly building, having an ice box, which can flow over your snowflakes, helping you to relax and cool off from the heat. It also has a cinema, 3 balconies and a gym. As for the view, the Arabian sea is on your plate and offers a pleasant sight ...

Of course, wonder how can someone who is surrounded by slums, living in sumptuous, although he knows all the neighbors starve.

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