Hilarious put-downs on teenagers' social media feeds prove you should NEVER accept a friend request from your Mum and Dad (23 PICS)

It is always a risk to accept a Facebook friend request from your parents - especially if they happen to be computer literate and quick witted.

A collection of screengrabs compiled byBoredPanda reveals the hilarious put downs and cutting comments left by mums and dads on their offspring's social media feeds.

Armed with embarrassing anecdotes about their kids, these parents are merciless when it comes to mocking their teens online. 

In one case a disappointed father used Facebook as punishment for his son, sharing mortifying facts about the teenager after he was caught trash talking someone else online.

Other parents couldn't help but mock their little darlings' attempts at a 'profound' status - despite their kids' desire to look cool in front of their mates.

Amusing and mortifying in equal measure, these screen grabs might just prompt you to adjust your Facebook privacy settings... 

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