Design Student Builds “Tiny House” (11 PICS)

For anyone who's graduated or had their kids graduate from college in the last decade, you know that accumulating substantial loans is a very real problem. Graduates are ready to start the rest of their lives, but often find themselves stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of debt as they try to balance loans, rent, and living expenses. If that sounds like a drag, you're right.

Yet 25-year-old Joel Weber of the University of Texas decided that he wasn't going to go down that path. To reduce his future expenses, he built himself a 145-square-foot tiny house, complete with electricity and plumbing. This way, he won't have to deal with paying off loans and paying rent, and may avoid a mortgage later.

In all, Weber spent about $20,000 making his tiny house. He saved up a considerable amount, and the rest came from donations from friends, family, and his community. Weber designed the house himself, and a professional carpenter and an electrician both volunteered time to work with him to realize the design.

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