The Beautiful, Subtly Animated GIFs Photos or Cinemagraphs of Nicolas Ritter

Nicolas Ritter is a renowned German freelance photographer who has dared to explore the world of creative photography-based animated gifs. Ritter studied Visual Communication at the Academy of Art and Design in Offenbach, Germany, mastering all creative arts, illustration and graphic. He has received several awards for various commercial and advertising work.

In one of his photographic projects called "One", Nicolas practises animated photography based on gifs, aka Cinemagraphs, which are now catching on thanks, among other things, to the rise and mass distribution of photography and video apps for smartphones and their ease of use among users. “One”, as he defines it, aims to highlight the individual from the crowd. More or less, it explains how people’s regard works: It particularly imitates the way in which the human eye observes: not viewing a crowd as a crowd, but observing little micro-scenes inside of it.

Ritter has an extensive portfolio of excellent photographic works, illustration and graphic designwhich you can discover on his personal website


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