Binary Prints by Alex Trochut - Two Different Portraits Revealed When Lights are On/Off

Brooklyn and Barcelona-based designer Alex Trochut's Binary Prints series takes a look at the dual lives that some of the most influential and pioneering electronic musicians lead from day to night. Having discovered a way to display two images on one surface, the series presents what the artist refers to as "nocturnal portraits" that "wake up" in the dark. Basically, there's one image that viewers can see in the light and another image emerges on the same page in the dark.

With the aid of musicians like LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy allowing the artist to capture their faces in both a state of normalcy or exhaustion and as captivatingly hypnotic as can be, Trochut was able to present a sense of their dichotomous lifestyles.

The project's statement reads: "Anyone who has been present at those transcendental moments of communion at a show can attest to the experience as an awakening—a nighttime rebirth of mind and body. There is a literal translation of the inverted blinking eye, which shows the artists emerging into their nocturnal personas, bringing them into focus, from a anonymous being to an icon of music and sound. Like the experiential discovery inherent in live music, these portraits create layers for the viewers to feel and pull apart, combining the universal with the personal."


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