10.Mia Rosales St. John is a Mexican-American professional boxer in the Light Welterweight division. Mia is the former WIBA and WIBF Lightweight Champion.[1] She is also a model, businesswoman, and Tae Kwon Do Champion

09. Yesica Yolanda Bopp, born April 11, 1984 in Villa Domínico is a women's boxing champion in the light flyweight division. Nicknamed "Tuti," Bopp stands 5'0" tall and has a perfect professional record of 19-0.
She won the interim WBA Female light flyweight title on December 4, 2008 after defeating Ana Fernandez, and she has made eight successful defenses. Bopp is also the reigning WBO Female light flyweight titleholder, having won that belt on November 6, 2009. She successfully defended it against Carina Moreno on January 29, 2011, and followed that up with five more victories in 2011.

08. Frida Wallberg born April 28, 1983 in Åtvidaberg in Östergötland, Sweden. Wallberg is Sweden's most successful female boxer. As an amateur, she won 48 of 53 games before she turned pro in 2004. She has won the Nordic championship two times and the Swedish championship six times and is currently in the lightweight champion of WIBF.
27 November 2010 Frida defeated the Canadian boxer Olivia Gerula, which meant that Frida Wallberg took over the coveted WBC belt.

07. Cecilia Brækhus (born 28 September 1981 in Cartagena, Colombia) is a 1.71 m (5 ft 7 in) and 66 kilograms (150 lb), professional Norwegian boxer and a former kickboxer. She is currently the World Champion in Welterweight in the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council, World Boxing Organization and World Professional Boxing Federation. She currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

06. Eva Ulrika Birgitta Wahlström (born October 30, 1980 in Loviisa) is the most successful Finnish female boxer to date. She was ranked second best in Europe in 2004 and 2005. She also made an appearance as a personal trainer to contestants (spring 2006 and autumn 2007 seasons) in Finnish reality television series Suurin pudottaja, a Finnish version of The Biggest Loser, with swimmer Jani Sievinen.

05. Ina Menzer was born in Atbasar, Khazakhstan on November 10 1980.In the 60-kg division at the first German Women's Amateur Championships in Meppen, Germany in November 2003, Ina defeated Diana Meindl of BC Schwandorf by a 36-12 margin in the semifinal, then bested Carmen Falke of VfK Celle by 27-14 in the final.

04. Ana Julaton (born Luciana Bonifacio Julaton, 5 July 1980) is the first Filipino American boxer to win the Women's WBO Super Bantamweight and IBA Super Bantamweight titles. Nicknamed “The Hurricane,” she is also one of the “quickest” boxers ever to win a world title, having fought only five other professional bouts before winning the IBA Super Bantamweight title

03. Laila Ali was named Super Middleweight Champion by the International Boxing Association in 2002 and Super Middleweight Champion by International Women's Boxing Federation in 2005.

02. Regina Halmich (born November 22, 1976) is a popular female boxer from Germany. Halmich is among the most successful female boxers of all time, and helped popularize female boxing in Europe.

01. Melinda "La Maravilla" Cooper, born in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 6, 1985, was the WIBA[1] and IBA Flyweight Champion of the world, and is recognized as one of the elite female professional boxers on the planet.
Cooper started boxing in 1996, after meeting trainer James Pena at the Nevada Partners gym in Las Vegas. Pena recalls that at first he did not realize that Cooper was a girl, because she was with three boys and the hood of her coat was over her head. "There were a group of kids there, and I asked them all if they wanted to box, but no one really wanted to. Then I asked Melinda, 'How about you?' and she said she'd try it. It wasn't until the next day I realized she was a girl." "I told her, `Oh, sweetheart, I can't let you box. You're a girl. I can't let you box with the boys.' But she said she wanted to try and box them." She lasted four rounds that first day, and made an impression on Pena, who had never trained a female before. "I told her, `If you want to box, show up at 3:30 and don't be late. Every day since, she's showed up at 3:30." Pena later became Cooper's legal guardian.

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