Realistic Sculptures by Mark Newman (11 PHOTOS)

Here are some of sculptor Mark Newman’s most awe-inspiring creations. His work seems so realistic, even though his subject matter is very unrealistic. This combination is not only exciting, but a veritable treat as well.

Newman has chosen for his subject creatures from mythologies, comics, stories and even video games. There is a Wolverine amongst his sculptures as well as what could be Kratos from the God of War Play Station games. There is Frankenstein in all his pitiable state as well as what could be Gollum from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. On one hand, there is a King Kong and on the other there is a gymnast.

The beauty of the sculptures is that the skill of the sculptor makes them look extremely life like, even though the sculptures themselves are of creatures that are mostly mythological or fantastical, mainly figments of our collective imagination.

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