What Are Young Chinese Thinking About?

British photographer Adrian Fisk presents his iSpeak China series, for which he traveled some 12,500 kilometers through China to complete, photographing young Chinese people aged 16 to 30 years along the way. In these photos, the subjects were handed a card and told to write “whatever they wanted to.”

Song Jing Ping - 22 Yrs.
Runs two basic restaurants with her fiancee .
Hubei Province (Migrated from a village 400km away).
'When people leave their village to live in the city, it is very hard for them to return'..
Guan Ying Ni - 25 Yrs.
Computer systems analyst.
'City should be slow down, countryside should be speed up'
Ma Xiao Lian - 19 Yrs.
Qinghai Province.
(Illiterate) 'My husband and I want to become migrant labourers so we can work hard to make ourselves and our parents happy'..
Jiang Min - 24 Yrs.
Henan Province.
'I want to walk my own path, I don't want other people telling me what to do'..

Qiang Chow - 25 Yrs.
Construction worker.
Qinghai Province.
'I dream that one day I can go to the holy Potala Palace in Lhasa for Pilgrimage'.

Wong Jing Yi - 30 Yrs.
Works in a sex shop.
Hong Kong.
'I don't want children'.
Chan Jie Fang - 28 Yrs.
Supervisor in bag making company in Guangdong Province but learning english in Guangxi Province.
'I'd like to see any supernatural thing, such as alien, UFO, mysterious thing
Li Qi Sheng - 30 Yrs.
Computer science teacher from Liaoning Province but learning english in Guangxi Province.
Guangxi Province.
'Huge cultural differences exist between the East and the West. Do not tell us what to do'.

Wendy Zhang - 20 Yrs.
Law Student studying in Canada.
Great Wall of China.
'Before I die, I want to see a united China. Both united with its self and with the world'.
Avril Lui - 22 Yrs.
Post grad student.
Guangxi Province.
'We are the lost generation. I'm confused about the world'.

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