Illuminated UV paintings on women's backs celebrate beauty

In a project which marries the beauty of the female form with spectacular scenes from nature, an artist has created stunning UV images on women's backs.

John Poppleton, from California, creates incredible works of art painted directly onto human skin using fluorescent shades of lilac, orange and green and then photographs them with stunning results.

His project, called Under Black Light, consists of 'bodyscapes' of spectacular natural phenomena such as African sunsets, tropical oceans during rainstorm, and mountain ranges under moonlight.

In more otherworldly, eerie designs the artist depicts cosmic scenes of stars, galaxies and shimmering auroras.

His gorgeous painterly scenes are photographed under black light to produce the seemingly glowing images.

John incorporates the curves and shapes of the models into his paintings, and in some the canvas is stretches beyond the back of the model onto the background behind.

The artist dabbled in photography as a hobby until several friends convinced him to photograph their weddings in 1993. He then became a professional portrait photographer as has flourished in the industry for more than 20 years.

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