Cinemagraph: Still Photos with Subtle Motion

Like what you’ve seen in most GIF animation, cinemagraph is a product of still photo with minor elements moving on. It’s nothing impressive on technique but what makes cinemagraph unique is it brings back certain part of the photo to life, thus making the entire photo more realistic, attractive and sometimes even thought-provoking, just like the magical newspaper from the movie Harry Potter.

Dozens of photographers have found this technique interesting, so do we. While they are making their first attempt on cinemagraph, we go on by collecting quality, realistic and thought-provoking cinemagraphs for your enjoyment and inspiration and, be prepared to get impressed!

Shave And A Haircut. Can you see all pole barble lamps in the photo are whirling? This cinemagraph stands out by its great attention to detail.

Paint It On. Beauty needs patience.

Mouse Is Always Busy. Perfect cinemagraph that captures the life of a computer addict.

Meet Me At The Bar. A creative cinemagraph utilizing the reflection of window.

Infinite Coke. Where can I buy this coke? I will pay any money for it. An interesting effect achieved by cinemagraph to confuse your mind.

A Wonderful World. It’s still yet it’s moving, it’s silent yet it’s thought-provoking. It’s the beauty of cinemagraph.

How He Passed The Time. Cinemagraph can not only give you the feel of wind, but also the feel of speed.

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