Google Street View captures ghostly images in windows of US 'haunted house'

A historic New York property is drawing attention for all the wrong reasons.

The 1880s Queen Anne home, in the Camden neighbourhood, is listed for just $105,000...but the low price has been blamed on some very unwanted house guests.

Ghostly snaps of the five-bed home captured by Google’s Street View cameras show three sets of seemingly ghostly handprints smeared across the third-floor windows, suggesting the home isn’t as empty as you might think.

The rare home has been on the market since 2010, after the last owners mysteriously abandoned the house almost as soon as they bought it.

Although uninhabited for half a decade, the beautiful property has earned itself a place on the National Register of Historic Places.

The home was built by a former clergyman turned wealthy hardware business owner, but fell into foreclosure after failing to sell for $169,000.

But while some internet users are convinced that the house is indeed haunted, others have offered the more rational explanation that the handprints are actually just paint.

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