Thousands of women join 'hairy leg movement' to ditch their razors and go natural

Women have started a campaign to ditch their razors and grow hair on their legsю By posting pictures of their unshaven limbs, the supporters are making waves across social media by saying no to waxing or shaving.

One online community, called the Hairy Legs Club, encourages ladies to embrace the fuzz and proudly present their growth to the world.

A member of the Hairy Legs Club, known as 'spud cat', said on the Tumblr site: "It's such a shame we live in a world where legs or bodies in general should have to be a source of embarrassment or controversy."

One user added: "My glorious hairy legs (the hairiest in my family - I'm so proud.)"

Another called Becca said: "I have hairy legs, and to be honest I feel more 'feminine' than ever!"

Another liberated member blogged: "I haven’t shaved my legs for nearly a year (January). And you know what? No one cares! Or if they do, no one has said anything to my face."

Another user of the Tumblr group, added: "Glad to see others that share my opinion on body hair being no big deal."

The mass movement against hair removal is seen as a way of empowering women who are expected to conform to social norms - such as wearing make-up, dieting, and removing their body hair.

But it's not the only movement online supporting female body hair.

The WANG Facebook group, which stands for women against non-essential grooming, believe that "everyone should be free from coercive gendered bodily norms and should have absolute bodily autonomy."


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