Stunning travel posters depict holidays around the solar system by Steve Thomas

Steve Thomas' futuristic designs promote holidays in far-flung destinations such as Mercury, Venus or Pluto, along with the hi-tech transport required to embark on such interplanetary travel.

Adventurous holidaymakers are invited to 'explore the crimson canyons' on Mars and 'see the world in a whole new way'.

The out-of-this-world trips include skiing on Pluto, a blimp tour of Venus and solar-powered car racing on Mercury, which is billed as the 'hottest road race under the sun'.

Just like during travel's golden age in the 1920s and 1930s, the impressive methods of transport are as important as the destinations themselves.

Steve, 40, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, US, said: 'I worked for a newspaper for many years as a graphic designer but would do these travel posters on the side, at evenings and weekends.

'They were such a success that I was able to become a full time freelance graphic artist. 'I love the old vintage travel posters so I decided to combine the two things, and I came up with retro posters of planetary travel. 'It started with Mars and Venus, and just went from there. My imagination just took off. 'Vintage travel posters are classic but over the years they have disappeared. But now they're coming back thanks to pop culture.' Read More @

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