Camila Vallejo, the World’s Most Glamorous Revolutionary

amila Antonia Amaranta Vallejo Dowling is a Chilean geography undergraduate student and member of the Chilean Communist Youth. As president of the University of Chile Student Federation (Fech) and main spokesperson of the Confederation of Chilean Students (Confech), she led a movement for better access to quality education at the end of April 2011 — which continues as of April 2012.

Vallejo has been labeled by the media as the most important and influential Communist personality of the 21st century in Chile, and also as the symbolic successor of Gladys Marín.
Vallejo has been praised publicly by several entertainers. In September 2011, Calle 13 traveled to Chile to support the student movement, and in a concert they invited some students and members of the Confech, including Vallejo.
In August 2011 Vallejo was displayed on the front page of the German weekly Die Zeit and in December of that year she was overwhelmingly chosen "Person of the Year" in an online poll by readers of The Guardian, which four months earlier had published a piece on her.
Vallejo has been included by magazines in such lists as "100 People Who Mattered" by Time Magazine on its December 2011 "Time Person of the Year" annual issue, and in "150 Fearless Women" by Newsweek in March 2012

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