'Alien' caught on tape in Brazil

Footage has emerged of an 'alien shaped figure' standing near an unusual bright light in the Mamaus region of the Amazon rainforest.
The video is said to have been captured by British tourists and passed onto the Brazilian government for investigation, The Sun reports.
Paranormal writer Michael Cohen believes the recording is strong proof that aliens exist.
'This is highly compelling footage that will be hard to discredit,' he said.
'It comes from an area known for experiencing intense UFO activity. It is rather apparent that aliens are interested in this region due to its biological diversity.'
Mr Cohen said the area was being monitored by the Brazilian government and the army was sent in to investigate extraterrestrial activity.
'The Brazilian government denied that there was an Operation Prato for years before conceding it did occur and releasing large amounts of files associated with it', Cohen said.
It is believed the footage will be used in an upcoming Hollywood movie.

Picture credit: Mike Cohen /Barcroft

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