Monster 20-foot crocodile captured

After capturing what could be the biggest crocodile caught alive in the world, hunters are already talking of going after an even bigger croc, possibly lurking in the creeks of Agusan del Sur.
The monster, 6.1-meter (20-foot) saltwater crocodile ensnared on Saturday in Bunawan town after a 24-day hunt has already been named “Lolong” by the villagers—and experts say Lolong may not be alone.
Lolong, believed by some residents to be 50 years old, is now kept in a huge metal cage

The world’s most endangered freshwater variety, Crocodylus Mindorensis, is found only in the Philippines, where only about 250 are known to be in the wild.
About 1,000 of the larger saltwater type, or Crocodylus Porosus, like the one captured in Bunawan, are scattered mostly in the country’s southern swamplands, wildlife official Glen Rebong said

(AP Photo)

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