View from above by Jason Hawkes

Photographer Jason Hawkes , whose work has been published in the pages of Big Picture, traveled the world with his camera Nikon D3. He rose into the sky by helicopter and did amazing shots, going down to the tethers from the cockpit. In today's collection collected 26 best photo of Jason depicting landscapes of France, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, UK and other places. 

Tomatoes are collected in heaps on the banks of the river Durance in France
Footways in London's Hyde Park.
Landfill Mucking Marshes, the main garbage dump in London.
Fish farms near the town of Ma Wan, Hong Kong, China.
Entertainment Center The Great Sphinx of Giza, the Hotel and Casino Luxor, Las Vegas.
Mast, power transmission lines in the fields near Littlebury, Essex, UK
Forts Munsell. Fortifications built at the mouth of the rivers Thames and Mersey during the Second World War.
New buildings and sites for new housing on the outskirts of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Farmhouse and paddock with sheep at 18 km from Marrakech, Morocco


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