Indians against the construction of the dam

In late May 2008, Brazilian natives of different tribes living on the reservation near a tributary of the Amazon's Xingu River, gathered to protest against planned in their area of ​​hydropower dam. The crowd surrounded the Indian engineer from the company Eletrobras Paulo Fernando Rezende minutes after he made a presentation. Soon Rezende appeared bare-chested, with a deep, bleeding cuts on his shoulder. When colleagues brought him into the car, it comforted them and assured that everything is in order.

The tension of the situation has reached its limit during this meeting, which took place an electrical alignment and was attended by some thousands of Amazon Indians and activists protesting against the construction of a dam on the Xingu River.Environmentalists warn that such a construction can destroy traditional fishing grounds of Indians living nearby, and lead to the displacement of some 15,000 people.

Reserve on the River Xingu Indians - one of the few places on our planet where one can still see the pristine nature, wildlife, and in fact the primitive life.

Paulo Fernando Rezende, an engineer Brazilian national electricity company Eletrobras responsible for studies on the effects of the dam at Belo Monte, is a presentation to Indian attacks, on Tuesday, 20 May 2008.

Paulo Fernando Rezende surrounded by media after he was attacked by Indians with machetes, Rezende received a deep cut right shoulder, was attacked after a few minutes after it delivered a report. At the meeting discussed the impact of the dam in Belo Monte on the life of Indian communities.
Photo : (AP Photo / Andre Penner)

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